And so it begins..

It’s been but 3 weeks since I’ve been diagnosed with celiac disease, and it’s a learning experience every day. I managed to make it through Christmas without gluten (i think) and I even enjoyed the food. It’s still hard some days, but I’m getting the hang of it. Now if only the Boy would understand that when I can’t eat something he’s trying to feed me, it’s not because I’m allergic to nuts (but then he’s 2, and he’s allergic to nuts, so he assumes that everyone who can’t eat anything must be allergic to nuts).

Getting diagnosed was a bit of a whirl-wind.. from an initial self-diagnosis, to a blood test confirmation, to a scope confirmation all within a very short period of time, all just before the holidays where food is the basis for every gathering. So far I’ve managed by eating veggies, cheese, fruit and some cheesies. Who knew cheesies were GF..

And now gearing up for New Year’s, I’ll make sure to get my own dip-dishes to avoid that horrible cross-contamination, bring something to the festivities, and just hope against hope that I don’t screw up.

who knew that going GF was such a learning experience..


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