craft girl

I’m getting in touch with my crafty side. The Boy loves crafts, and I’m sure that when she’s old enough to understand a bit more (for now she just thoroughly enjoys playing with the yarn) she will too. We do a lot of Waldorf-inspired and free-craft style art. The Boy loves to paint. That might actually be a bit of an understatement. Regardless, he loves to be creative, much like his mama. The difference is that I can follow instructions, but being incredibly creative off the top of my head is not exactly my forte.
But, I have to say that I’ve surprised even myself these last couple of days. The Husband got me a knitting book for Christmas and so far I’ve knit 2 pairs of fingerless gloves (one for me, one for his poor cold typing hands) and tonight, I outdid myself. I knit myself a purse. First of all, the wool it is knit from is amazing. I was hugging this wool in the store so I figured I should probably pick it up. And then I knit. And what followed was the purse at the top of the page.
I’m also quite impressed with my celiac diet to date. I’ve been eating fantastic foods and tonight I discovered that I can still eat Doritos. To be honest, that was a huge highlight for me. I adore Doritos and love being able to indulge once in a while. It was going to be quite sad for me not to be able to eat them anymore but alas, they are on the safe list. If you’re ever looking for brands pretty quickly, you can always check – on the left hand side they have a section for GF safe foods by brand which is a quick and easy way to see if something is okay to eat. Hence how I found the Doritos.
Of course, I’m eating a lot more healthy already. I’m quite excited for tomorrow’s breakfast – I’m going to have a peach/mango smoothie. Yummerific. If this is what gluten-free is all about, I’m there.

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