It’s a New Year and I screwed up already..

Seriously, how does that happen? I guess technically I screwed up LAST year since I accidentally ingested gluten last night and not today, but I’m certainly feeling the effects today.

We went to a neighbour’s house for new year’s and I had been reminded many times to ask about ingredients. Well, I guess I forgot one dish and after 30 minutes of feeling rather terrible and in pain, I found out there had been soy sauce in the sauce. Soy sauce. My former favourite sauce is laden with wheat. Good thing there’s the alternative tamarin sauce but still. I’m feeling it today with a bit of a sour stomach – and this was after starting to feel better on a regular basis.

For some reason, it got me down a bit too. I was doing so well! I know it’s going to happen, but I still feel like a shmuck for having it happen so soon.

I’m quite concerned right now about cross contamination. My kids are still eating whole wheat bread and playing with wheat playdough and my hands are getting insanely dry from scrubbing them so much after feeding them, cleaning them up, or cleaning the table. I’m not sure yet how to avoid this other than stop feeding them bread.. if tonight’s ciabatta bread is any indication though, I certainly won’t mind not having wheat bread – man that ciabatta bread was good! Oregano and basil and parmesean all in a lovely loaf that has pea flour in it for some protein and fibre! It was excellent!

It’s a new year and I have 2 goals: 1 – I want my son to be using the potty sometime this year. 2 – I want to be healthy by summer. Exercising again and feeling great and having this diet down pat!


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