I’m in a funk. So much is swirling right now – The Girl is super-sick, and I’m finding some of the info I’m reading a bit overwhelming right now.

I have this little pocket dictionary with ingredients in it that tell you if something is safe or unsafe (genius I tell you). I also have this other book with safe products. So you can look up “preserves” and it’ll tell you which jams are gluten-free. Of course, you need to read the labels to make sure the ingredients haven’t changed, but it certainly helps with things.

All that aside, there is a lot of information coming out that things that were labelled safe are in fact, not safe. Companies are taking advantage of the booming gluten-free industry and are causing those of us with celiac-disease to be eating foods that could be compromised (I think in translation, this means my doritos are out..). I have felt safer making my own food anyway as opposed to buying pre-made foods, but where does this leave any sort of convenience? Or indulgence? What’s a celiac to do?

Then I’m back to my whole cross-contamination issues. The husband pointed out today that when I do play with the kids I don’t seem to have a reaction (unlike NYE when I did react to the soy sauce), but does that guarantee that I’m not getting gluten? How much is too much? Will my gut heal if I’m around so much wheat still? Right now the Husband is home on holidays, but what happens when he goes back to work? Should I really be feeding The Boy soy-butter sandwiches on whole-wheat bread? I feel like I’m scrubbing him down after chemical exposure when I’m cleaning his hands. And the backs of my hands now have eczema from so much scrubbing on my part. And let’s not even talk about trying to clean up the playdough (which is labelled: Contains wheat). Again, what’s a celiac to do?

This is such a huge learning curve. Please tell me that one day I’ll figure it all out.


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  1. Maureen "Hold The Gluten"
    Jan 15, 2009 @ 19:01:00

    Hang in there!! Things will get easier for you – I promise! There’s an amazing on-line community of gluten free bloggers that totally understand how you are feeling! We are here for you 🙂 I’ve been gluten free for over 3 years now and it has pretty much become second nature to me. BTW, great job on the blog!


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