First Time for Everything

I did it. I ate outside of my house at a restaurant. My girls and I headed out to brunch to say farewell to our NYC gal, J. She leaves in the morning so we needed to do something easy, and given that the majority of our kids are sick, we opted for a Girls-Only outing to brunch. When I went in, I was the first one there. I told them I had celiac disease and they told me there were options! Sure enough, on the menu were items labelled “Gluten-free”. I loved it. I made sure to mention that I had celiac disease to the waitress too and she said not to worry. And you knwo what? No reaction. No pain, no bloating, no running to the bathroom this afternoon. I did develop quite a horrid headache this afternoon but I’m fairly certain the two weren’t linked.

For supper it was wonderful rice pasta with homemade spaghetti sauce. And I made The Husband buy parmasean cheese so I can make risotto tomorrow. As long as I think of things in terms of normal-every-day living, the whole celiac thing doesn’t scare the bajonkers out of me too much. It’s when I start to overthink that some paranoia sets in. That and I’m insanely sleep deprived since The Boy has been having 2 hour wakeful periods in the middle of the night (where he’s in and out but I’m awake the whole time, or The Husband is), and The Girl is sick and is waking up not so much a happy camper.

Thank goodness for Rescue Remedy. I’ve been taking 3 drops each night and since doing it, I’ve been once again able to sleep. It’s 9:26pm and my eyes can barely remain open already. Am I old?


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