The antics of 2 year olds

The Boy is the funniest boy ever. He comes out with these phrases that just make me laugh out loud on a daily basis. Here are a few from the past 2 days:

The Boy: I’m still little right?
Me: Yes, that’s true.
The Boy: Why?
(as an aside, we’re in the why phase)
Me: Well, because you’re 2.
(then I swear he said this next line while rolling his eyes and sighing loudly)
The Boy: I’m 2 and a HALF mom.

Episode 2:
The Husband: Do you want some of my spaghetti?
The Boy: No thanks, dad.
(large pause)
The Boy: Thank you for offering to share with me. It was really nice of you.

And one of my personal favourites from sometime early fall:
Me: I love you.
The Boy: I love cars, mom.

Oh he loves cars. How nice. He has since told me many times how much he loves me but oh how that wrenched my heart!

When I’m not having the best of days, he’s still there to make me laugh out loud.

As are my BFFs. I’m one of the lucky girls who has a crew of girls she is proud to call her BFFs. Yesterday, I was on the phone with BFF-H who was feeling rather body image un-friendly. We had a nice chat about her awesome bod, and she complimented me on mine. The funny part? All the parts she complimented me on are the ones I’m the most self-concious about! It just goes to show you that a) you’re usually out of your mind when thinking of your own body; b) we really care too much and; c) BFFs rock.


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