Please tell me Pukefest is coming to a close…

I hate the stomach flu. Loathe it with every inch of my being. It’s not only disgusting (I absolutely hate puke which is why i could never be a doula, midwife, nurse, or anyone else who sees puke), but it’s heartwrenching. It’s bad enough when mama has it, but when the kidlets get it too? Oh my..

It’s been, as a result, pretty gross and pretty sad in our house over these past few days. It started Thursday night with The Girl, Friday was my turn, then The Boy had his own set of puke-a-thons (though we actually think it might have been coincidence as we found out this morning he has a throat infection and ear infection and fever.. all of which could contribute to the puking). Thank goodness The Husband didn’t get it since he has been taking care of us all like mad.

And, this was my first flu as a celiac. Why is that relevant? Well, shockingly, you need to think more when you have the flu as a celiac! Think of it – chicken noodle soup? Out. Saltines? Out. Toast? Out. Good think I very much like rice crackers because 5 of them were my intake for yesterday.. and then tonight I finally consumed some actual food: rice and rice pasta. I will get through this celiac thing!

I knew I was in trouble too at 4am – I was feeling better and couldn’t sleep (given I had probably slept about 10 hours yesterday during the day never leaving my bed), and I went to read some of my favourite blogs. This one is one I frequent the most but I saw the food at the top of the page and had to make a run for it.. ugh. Not ready for that yet apparently! 🙂

But alas, we shall all make it through and hopefully be stronger for it. And maybe Monday I can actually start to accomplish all of the things I want to do..


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Delray Girl
    Jan 11, 2009 @ 15:23:00

    I didn’t know for a year, but you can buyPacific brand organic chicken broth and make soup… it was a life saver for me…. also Halls cough drops are gluten free… also found a chicken bouillion that was gluten free… Hope you feel better soon,


  2. celiacmama
    Jan 11, 2009 @ 16:00:00

    Thanks for the suggestion! I shall try that!


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