I’m a month in…

Tomorrow marks a month from when I was diagnosed and I think I’m doing pretty well. Other than New Year’s Eve’s mix-up, I’ve managed, I think, to avoid gluten. I’ve learned these few things in my short month:

1 – I’m still paranoid about cross-contamination, but I’m managing. And, it’s okay to be paranoid about it.

2 – I really need to learn how to do GF baking better.

3 – Meals are actually pretty easy for the most part. GF cereal is growing on me. Dinners are really good and I can’t tell the difference when something is coated in GF flour as opposed to wheat flour.

4 – Lunches are still sucking. Unless it’s leftovers, I’m still feeling at a loss.

5 – Bread is not the same.

6 – I’m getting there and I should be proud of my progress so far.

Hopefully in the next month I’ll get even better at things. Already it’s seeming to be a routine and not something I am forcing myself to remember.


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