Food Reviews so far

I’ve been trying everything and anything I can get my hands on just to try things out. Here’s what I’ve found so far.

Glutino Bagels
Holy man these things are good. They taste like the real thing to me. So far I’ve tried poppy seed and sesame seed and they are both fantastic! Highly recommend these babies.

Enjoy Life Bars
I cannot stand the Cocoa ones.. they’re so gritty. But I really have grown quite fond of the Apple Caramel and the Sunbutter ones. They are great to keep in my purse or pocket for when I desperately need something but can’t just stop and grab anymore. Their cookies leave something to be desired. I’d rather make my own.

KinnickKinnick White Cake Mix
Holy man. This cake was out of this world. I couldn’t taste any difference from gluten-filled cake at all! Oh wow it was good. We threw in a cup of coconut for kicks and that was awesome too. What I personally liked about this mix was that The Boy could do most of it himself – something he’s big on as he approaches 3.

As for breads, let’s just say we’ve had a couple of failures and a few so-sos but really, I’m not going for much bread these days..

In our life, things are as usual. I have to go for a Bone Density scan to get a baseline given the higher risk of osteoperosis when you’re celiac.. I go for my 3 month blood work in March so I’ve still got some time before that but I’m anxious to see those levels of antibodies going down and the levels of nutrients going up.

The Boy had croup this week – my least favourite illness of his since it creates such a difficult breathing time for him. His inhalers have been getting a workout these last few days but I’m hoping we’re over the worst of it.


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