Bread Glorious Bread!

I seriously need to start taking pictures. So I made bread. From scratch. All of my other efforts in this area have been, well, pitiful. That might not even be a strong enough word for it. But the Gluten Free Mom posted a wonderful bread recipe. I had just purchased some sorghum flour and I was ready to go. I made a few changes due to a lack of certain ingredients (such as using 3T of apple juice instead of 1T+2T cider vinegar because I didn’t have any cider vinegar). and I’m pretty sure I let it rise too long so that will be something to change for next time. All that to say that today, 2.5 months after diagnosis, I had my first grilled cheese sandwich GF-style. It was wonderful. I *LOVE* grilled cheese. And yesterday, I had a tuna salad sandwich on my bread. Seriously, this could open some wonderful new possibilities for me, no?

I made bagels again this week. Aren’t I just the baking queen?!

The Girl has ear infection #6. I may consider hiding under several rocks for the next 2 months or so until the snow melts (speaking of which, we don’t get a lot of snow up here because it’s so cold in the winters but in the last 2 days we’ve had 25cm and it’s still -20C!! Some form of respite would be greatly appreciated!). Needless to say, she’s on antibiotics round #6. The good news (there’s good news in that?) is that we see the ENT tomorrow for both kids. We’ll know more then. Anything at this point to get them healthy would be much appreciated. I try to do things as natural as possible, and don’t like tons of medications, but I’m pretty much at the end with The Girl.. and the Boy come to think of it, but I’m worried about her.

In exciting news: The Girl started WALKING today!!! SHe’s been walking since about last week here and there but today she decided it was no longer easier to crawl! After about 11am, she crawled maybe once. She’s adorable while walking! She’ll be 16 months at the end of the month and it’s just so sweet. The Husband and I had quite a number of giggles.

The other giggle we had was at the post-supper table (after a wonderful GF pizza complete with pulled pork on top – pulled pork makes everything better) when we had family colouring time (we all coloured dinosaurs which is the Boy’s current obsession). The Boy likes to show off his work being almost 3 so we dutifully said “Wow” after he showed us, at which point the Girl held up her scribbles and said emphatically “Wooooowwwwww”. Nothing makes me smile more than toddler antics. 🙂



I’ve been in a blogging rut. The kids have been sick for the gazillionth time as have I. I’m still exhausted and wonder if I’ll ever catch up on sleep. I’m hoping that the cloud of fatigue lifts soon but I was thinking about it the other day and I don’t think I’ve had more than 5 hours of sleep in a row since sometime in 2005. Is that sad or what??

I’ve tried some more products that I think deserve some recognition:

Rice Works chips – Yum-er-ific. Holy moly (or as the Boy says these days “holy smokes”.)

Celimix muffin mix – this is pretty good! I added some ground flax seed and 2 bananas to the mix for some extra nutrients but they’re quite good. The Girl consumed 3 mini-muffins and the Boy consumed 4 – all in one sitting! So, I think I’d call that a hit and a half!

KinnickKinnick bagels – these aren’t as good as the Glutino ones in my opinion. They were a bit drier. And stickier in the mouth. And they had that gluten-free grainy taste to them that I’ve learned can very much be avoided. I still prefer the Pamela’s recipe from the Amazing Bread Mix as the best GF bagel ever.

And now a thank you to my husband. Valentine’s Day he made cupcakes filled with marscapone cheese and strawberries. They were to die for and a nice reminder from last year when he made them for the first time. The Boy helped and he loved every minute of it (hence why we do so much baking in the house – he loves it)!

BFF-L and I have been going to the farmer’s market most Saturdays. It’s ncie to be able to stock up on fresh produce even in the bitter cold of our northern winters. On top of that, many of the meat-guys have GF sausages (the Mennonite chicken sausage is to die for), and there’s tons of GF baking including one exclusive GF baker who’s family is all GF. She makes wonderful banana bread that we have not yet been able to replicate.

Alas, I shall try to get back to blogging more often.

And Now..

The Boy has croup.

Can we catch any kind of break?

First the Good News, then the Bad

I’m so happy! The blood tests came back for the kids and both were Normal! No celiac there! If I hadn’t been so uncomfortable and weak, I might have attempted a cartwheel. Though, now that I think about that, looking around my bedroom, there is definitely no room for a cartwheel.

That was the good news of the day. Then I called the Pediatrician about The Boy’s throat. His tonsils never really went back to normal size after his last bout of infection and our Ped told us it was a matter of time before infection set in again. Well, lo and behold yesterday the Husband sees white spots on the tonsils. This morning I saw them too. When I told the nurse, she immediately thought strep and got us in to a replacement doctor given our Ped is away this week. Sure enough, it’s strep. These poor kids can’t catch a break. The Boy’s 3rd infection since the beginning of November. Sadly, the pharmacist now knows us by sight.

And on a GF note, the Husband made the most divine cookies last night to cheer me up (even though I couldnt’ eat them last night for fear of tossing them up later). They are from the Gluten Free Family Cookbook I think it is (i’ll have to check that later) and they taste like a cross between brownies and fudge. They’re soft and chewy (an absolute must in a good cookie I feel) and so divine. Then when you bite in there’s these little chunks of chocolate inside. I can’t even speak when I’m eating one – I have to concentrate on savouring it because it’s so good.

Might I just add that the GF baking might have actually worked??? Are we on an upswing? If only our health would follow that same path…

A Day From Hell or a Learning Opportunity?

I’d say that today was more a day from hell than anything else. I’m exhausted on every level imaginable. I’ve managed to stave off infections and colds and flus this season as my family has been plagued with them. Until today. (And excluding the stomach flu that got us all. Darned norovirus (insert shaking fist here)).

Today I woke up at 3am. Well wait, rewind to yesterday when I seriously think I peed 97 times in an hour. Leave it to the wonderful Husband to suggest maybe it was infection. Anyway, fast forward back to 3am when I’m lying awake thinking that somehow I’ve missed a pregnancy and I’m actually giving birth again. The pain was out of this world. It made me wonder how I went 43 hours without any drugs when in labour with The Girl. By 7:30 I was curled up in a fetal position on the bed praying for time to move faster so I could call the doctor. The Husband took me to the hospital instead where I waited for 2.5 hours but in that time I got all the results. A Bladder infection that has spread most likely to the kidneys. Oh joy of joys! How perfect is THAT?

So I’m on some medicine now. And I took a painkiller too because man those kidneys can hurt. Ultimately I think I’m fairly run down after our not-so-wonderful 2009 so far (I thought this year was supposed to be better?). So I’ll let the meds do their job, hopefully avoid the IV antibiotics and rest. I plan to sleep all day tomorrow as I have someone watching my kidlets. BFF-L was kind enough to let me know her regime of cranberry extract and vitamin C to stave off future infections so I’ll be starting that tomorrow too! Tomorrow should be good I think.

The Girl is finally back to being her hilarious self. She’s still not walking yet (15.5 months) but I’m certain it’s coming. Then again, I said that in December.

Oh, and The Husband should win Celiac-Support-Husband of the year I think. Two nights ago he came home with GF beer for our pizza night (thank you thank you thank you!) and this evening while I was napping, he and the kids made GF cookies. And you know what? They taste like fudge!! GF baking WORKED without a mix!! WOW! Progress has been made.

Now I leave you with 2 things:
1 – Check out this amazing GF Blog List! Wow – The Crispy Cook has seriously gone above and beyond here!

2 – Check out Matt Logelin’s blog. I came across this blog through BFF-H. It is amazing. It’s written by Matt who’s wife had a premature baby on March 24, and on March 25, his wife died suddenly (27 hours after giving birth) from a pulmonary embolism. He’s just started the Liz Logelin foundation to support other people financially in similar situations. It’s amazing and I think everyone should visit his blog.

More Reviews and the Kids

I’ve had the opportunity to try more things. I have to retract my complaint about Enjoy Life’s chocolate bar things too. I think the first time I had one it must have been at the beginning of my wheat-free days and it probably tasted funny. I only had the one and did not like it at all. Well, the other day I was desperate and had one as the box was in the car. And? I loved it. Not at much as the Caramel Apple and sunbutter bars, but it was really quite a lot better than I expected.

Pamela’s Amazing Bread Mix – this bread is exactly as it says – amazing. I actually made bagels from it due to a fellow blogger saying it was actually easy. And you know what? It was! And they were fantastic!! Even the Husband and the Kids loved them – the Husband liked them better than wheat bagels! So, I’ve ordered 6 cases of the stuff (that’s 18 bags!) for bagels, bread and pizza dough.

El Peto Bread Machine Bread Mix – meh.. it was okay. It was good with dip, and really good when it came straight out of the machine, but I found that overall, it was quite heavy. I would make it again and will probably keep some in the house for when I’m desperate for bread (which I’m not generally) but I won’t go running out to buy a case.

The Kids are officially getting tested tomorrow or Thursday. I’m a bit nervous about it – I’m not sure how the Boy will react to a needle. He’s not great with them. the Girl is pretty laid back about most things although I’m sure she’s not going to be begging me to go out and do more testing. At least we’ll know and we can go from there.

The Boy is potty learning right now. It’s pretty hit or miss although he’s getting better at a) holding it; b) telling us when he has an accident; and c) actually using the potty.

The Girl is trying to talk! She says “Spider” because Itsy-Bitsy spider is her favourite song to sing, and she tries to say Beaver and Bear (they went to the museum this weekend 🙂 ). I love when kids start to talk!!