More Reviews and the Kids

I’ve had the opportunity to try more things. I have to retract my complaint about Enjoy Life’s chocolate bar things too. I think the first time I had one it must have been at the beginning of my wheat-free days and it probably tasted funny. I only had the one and did not like it at all. Well, the other day I was desperate and had one as the box was in the car. And? I loved it. Not at much as the Caramel Apple and sunbutter bars, but it was really quite a lot better than I expected.

Pamela’s Amazing Bread Mix – this bread is exactly as it says – amazing. I actually made bagels from it due to a fellow blogger saying it was actually easy. And you know what? It was! And they were fantastic!! Even the Husband and the Kids loved them – the Husband liked them better than wheat bagels! So, I’ve ordered 6 cases of the stuff (that’s 18 bags!) for bagels, bread and pizza dough.

El Peto Bread Machine Bread Mix – meh.. it was okay. It was good with dip, and really good when it came straight out of the machine, but I found that overall, it was quite heavy. I would make it again and will probably keep some in the house for when I’m desperate for bread (which I’m not generally) but I won’t go running out to buy a case.

The Kids are officially getting tested tomorrow or Thursday. I’m a bit nervous about it – I’m not sure how the Boy will react to a needle. He’s not great with them. the Girl is pretty laid back about most things although I’m sure she’s not going to be begging me to go out and do more testing. At least we’ll know and we can go from there.

The Boy is potty learning right now. It’s pretty hit or miss although he’s getting better at a) holding it; b) telling us when he has an accident; and c) actually using the potty.

The Girl is trying to talk! She says “Spider” because Itsy-Bitsy spider is her favourite song to sing, and she tries to say Beaver and Bear (they went to the museum this weekend 🙂 ). I love when kids start to talk!!


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  1. Rachel
    Feb 11, 2009 @ 13:35:00

    Great blog. I’ve just added you to my list of 101 (now 105) GF Blogs. Keep up the good work.


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