A Day From Hell or a Learning Opportunity?

I’d say that today was more a day from hell than anything else. I’m exhausted on every level imaginable. I’ve managed to stave off infections and colds and flus this season as my family has been plagued with them. Until today. (And excluding the stomach flu that got us all. Darned norovirus (insert shaking fist here)).

Today I woke up at 3am. Well wait, rewind to yesterday when I seriously think I peed 97 times in an hour. Leave it to the wonderful Husband to suggest maybe it was infection. Anyway, fast forward back to 3am when I’m lying awake thinking that somehow I’ve missed a pregnancy and I’m actually giving birth again. The pain was out of this world. It made me wonder how I went 43 hours without any drugs when in labour with The Girl. By 7:30 I was curled up in a fetal position on the bed praying for time to move faster so I could call the doctor. The Husband took me to the hospital instead where I waited for 2.5 hours but in that time I got all the results. A Bladder infection that has spread most likely to the kidneys. Oh joy of joys! How perfect is THAT?

So I’m on some medicine now. And I took a painkiller too because man those kidneys can hurt. Ultimately I think I’m fairly run down after our not-so-wonderful 2009 so far (I thought this year was supposed to be better?). So I’ll let the meds do their job, hopefully avoid the IV antibiotics and rest. I plan to sleep all day tomorrow as I have someone watching my kidlets. BFF-L was kind enough to let me know her regime of cranberry extract and vitamin C to stave off future infections so I’ll be starting that tomorrow too! Tomorrow should be good I think.

The Girl is finally back to being her hilarious self. She’s still not walking yet (15.5 months) but I’m certain it’s coming. Then again, I said that in December.

Oh, and The Husband should win Celiac-Support-Husband of the year I think. Two nights ago he came home with GF beer for our pizza night (thank you thank you thank you!) and this evening while I was napping, he and the kids made GF cookies. And you know what? They taste like fudge!! GF baking WORKED without a mix!! WOW! Progress has been made.

Now I leave you with 2 things:
1 – Check out this amazing GF Blog List! Wow – The Crispy Cook has seriously gone above and beyond here!

2 – Check out Matt Logelin’s blog. I came across this blog through BFF-H. It is amazing. It’s written by Matt who’s wife had a premature baby on March 24, and on March 25, his wife died suddenly (27 hours after giving birth) from a pulmonary embolism. He’s just started the Liz Logelin foundation to support other people financially in similar situations. It’s amazing and I think everyone should visit his blog.


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  1. marylandceliac
    Feb 12, 2009 @ 03:22:00

    Hope you feel better soon! Good luck with your blog! If you need any help with gluten free stuff, let me know. I have lots of links on my blog. By the way, my daughter didn’t walk until 16 months. She was always on the later side of these milestones (crawling, pulling up), but nothing to worry about. Enjoy your last days before she is walking and into even more things!


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