First the Good News, then the Bad

I’m so happy! The blood tests came back for the kids and both were Normal! No celiac there! If I hadn’t been so uncomfortable and weak, I might have attempted a cartwheel. Though, now that I think about that, looking around my bedroom, there is definitely no room for a cartwheel.

That was the good news of the day. Then I called the Pediatrician about The Boy’s throat. His tonsils never really went back to normal size after his last bout of infection and our Ped told us it was a matter of time before infection set in again. Well, lo and behold yesterday the Husband sees white spots on the tonsils. This morning I saw them too. When I told the nurse, she immediately thought strep and got us in to a replacement doctor given our Ped is away this week. Sure enough, it’s strep. These poor kids can’t catch a break. The Boy’s 3rd infection since the beginning of November. Sadly, the pharmacist now knows us by sight.

And on a GF note, the Husband made the most divine cookies last night to cheer me up (even though I couldnt’ eat them last night for fear of tossing them up later). They are from the Gluten Free Family Cookbook I think it is (i’ll have to check that later) and they taste like a cross between brownies and fudge. They’re soft and chewy (an absolute must in a good cookie I feel) and so divine. Then when you bite in there’s these little chunks of chocolate inside. I can’t even speak when I’m eating one – I have to concentrate on savouring it because it’s so good.

Might I just add that the GF baking might have actually worked??? Are we on an upswing? If only our health would follow that same path…


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