Bread Glorious Bread!

I seriously need to start taking pictures. So I made bread. From scratch. All of my other efforts in this area have been, well, pitiful. That might not even be a strong enough word for it. But the Gluten Free Mom posted a wonderful bread recipe. I had just purchased some sorghum flour and I was ready to go. I made a few changes due to a lack of certain ingredients (such as using 3T of apple juice instead of 1T+2T cider vinegar because I didn’t have any cider vinegar). and I’m pretty sure I let it rise too long so that will be something to change for next time. All that to say that today, 2.5 months after diagnosis, I had my first grilled cheese sandwich GF-style. It was wonderful. I *LOVE* grilled cheese. And yesterday, I had a tuna salad sandwich on my bread. Seriously, this could open some wonderful new possibilities for me, no?

I made bagels again this week. Aren’t I just the baking queen?!

The Girl has ear infection #6. I may consider hiding under several rocks for the next 2 months or so until the snow melts (speaking of which, we don’t get a lot of snow up here because it’s so cold in the winters but in the last 2 days we’ve had 25cm and it’s still -20C!! Some form of respite would be greatly appreciated!). Needless to say, she’s on antibiotics round #6. The good news (there’s good news in that?) is that we see the ENT tomorrow for both kids. We’ll know more then. Anything at this point to get them healthy would be much appreciated. I try to do things as natural as possible, and don’t like tons of medications, but I’m pretty much at the end with The Girl.. and the Boy come to think of it, but I’m worried about her.

In exciting news: The Girl started WALKING today!!! SHe’s been walking since about last week here and there but today she decided it was no longer easier to crawl! After about 11am, she crawled maybe once. She’s adorable while walking! She’ll be 16 months at the end of the month and it’s just so sweet. The Husband and I had quite a number of giggles.

The other giggle we had was at the post-supper table (after a wonderful GF pizza complete with pulled pork on top – pulled pork makes everything better) when we had family colouring time (we all coloured dinosaurs which is the Boy’s current obsession). The Boy likes to show off his work being almost 3 so we dutifully said “Wow” after he showed us, at which point the Girl held up her scribbles and said emphatically “Wooooowwwwww”. Nothing makes me smile more than toddler antics. 🙂


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