Out of a drug induced haze…

I feel that I am more coherent. There are no longer things crawling on my walls (that i can see anyway) and I’m slowly emerging from the fog that has been my life for the last few days.

I have a picture of the incision. It’s gross but I’m totally posting it one day this week. It’s still covered in steri-strips though. The Husband changed my dressing this morning so we gave it the once-over.

I stopped all my pain meds except for Tylenol. Sunday was a complete haze for me with the remaining anesthetic wearing off and my painkillers taking their toll. I think I’m okay to remain on just tylenol for now and hope that it does the trick. I’m not in that much pain anymore – stiff from being in bed so much but today I got in my first walk down the street. It’s going to be a long recovery. I am not the greatest at remaining sedentary by any stretch of the imagination. And, while I’m enjoying very much the first season of Gilmore Girls and have high hopes of scrapbooking my kids’ lives up until now, I think that by day 5, I might be going stir-crazy.

I can only hope that the temperatures remain above freezing and continue to melt this winter ice castle around us so I can breathe in the amazing spring air as I walk. The Boy came on our walk today and we compared footprints. We decided that daddy’s footprints were giant and his were small. I’m not sure where mine fit in but I love the mind of a 3 year old.

And so, I am now ready for a snooze. Maybe I’ll crack open my first issue of Delight Gluten Free magazine or read some of Eat Pray Love (great booK!!) before I drift off…


7 things and post-surgery

I feel like I’ve been kicked in the back by a large horse. I’ve never actually been kicked in the back by a horse before but I imagine it feeling rather similar to this. The surgery went well and i have no pain in my leg for the first time in over a year so this is a big step. I haven’t seen the incision yet as it’s covered by a rather large dressing but that needs to be changed on Monday so I’ll see it then. And I’m going to have The Husband take a picture too. I might as well scrapbook a page about this right? 🙂

Anyway, Wendy over at Celiacs in the House tagged me to come up with 7 random things about myself and I’ve been thinking about this so here it goes:

1 – I co-own a baby store and information site online. It’s based out of Alberta and is a year old now. It’s a culmination of BFF-N (my partner in business) and my favourite things for our kids. www.naturalurbanmamas.com

2 – I loathe ironing. I cannot tell you how much I hate this appliance. I have owned 1 iron in my life and it was a gift. I think I’ve lost it. I’d rather wear wrinkled clothes than iron.

3 – I am just about an accredited La Leche League leader. I have 3 more classes of sorts and my preview and then I’m done. I should be officially accredited in early May.

4 – I have no idea what I want to do with my life. I have a computer science degree that I don’t use at all and don’t plan to use again. I write here and there for different things and was really loving my job in sales before kids but given that I don’t plan on going back to work for a while, I think I have some time.

5 – I am a perpetual worrier. I worry about everything. I worry that I’ve upset people with my open thoughts. I worry about my kids. I worry about my husband. I worry about people in other parts of the world who might be suffering. I have a difficult time disconnecting myself from things and I’m working on it.

6 – My pain meds make me hallucinate. I’ve seen a lot of really crazy stuff over the last 24 hours. Most things crawling on my walls. It makes me laugh and certainly makes me aware that I am not yet ready to drive, or go back to my normal life just yet.

7 – I have insane obsessions with kicking the winter dirt off of wheel wells. You know that sludge that builds up behind the tires that’s a combination of snow and dirt and ice? I have to kick it off our cars all the time. And I have to seriously resist the urge to kick other people’s cars. I have thought of starting a self-help group for people like me but feel it might not be seen as a true issue..

And that’s that. 🙂


I’m nervous. Or downright scared – I don’t know which. Friday morning at approximately 9:45 they will be removing a part of a disc that is pressing on my sciatic nerve and has been causing great amounts of pain for about 17 months now. While I’m looking forward to the pain relief, I’m nervous about the surgery and the impact it’ll have at least temporarily on my kids.

Plus, I’ve packed my own food in case they don’t have good celiac friendly options for me.

All this to say – if anyone can spare good wishes Friday morning I would great appreciate it.

It’s been a yummy week so far..

I really like food a lot more than I used to. I used to pretty much hate food to be honest. I ate it because I absolutely had to in order to stay alive but other than that, I didn’t see the point. Nothing tasted good to me, nor did it feel good afterwards. I can pinpoint one of my celiac flare-ups to my late teens. I also battled depression at the time, but I literally could not keep anything in my stomach. I dropped 20 pounds in a month and my weight dropped dangerously low. Looking back on that time makes it shocking to me that I actually LIKE food now. I don’t feel terrible after eating it and I can enjoy cooking it as well as eating it as a result. It’s a whole new way of life.

This week food has been yummy. Our pork tenderloin was fantastic on Sunday night. Monday’s Artichoke Pork was not the same as the chicken – both The Husband and I agreed that we liked the chicken better, but the pork was also incredibley good. Tonight we had a vegetarian friend over for dinner with her 2 year old. We made a lovely spaghetti dinner. I threw together an impromptu veggie sauce which turned out to be wonderful. I finely chopped (try Pampered Chef’s food chopper! It really makes it much easier to finely dice things) carrots, cauliflower, broccoli and roasted peppers, added some crushed tomatoes and tomato paste, lots of spices (sugar, paprika and cumin are wonderful in sauces), and tossed in some fresh spinach. YUM! It was perfect over our brown rice pasta.

Tomorrow night will be pizza night and Thursday night will hopefully be the moose meatloaf. our fridge is getting full but it should work out that leftovers are there for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The Husband will start cooking again on Monday but I want to get us through the weekend without having to cook. Some friends have offered to bring food as well post-surgery so I think that will be a big help.

3 days and counting..

The Cake

I meant to post a picture of the Boy’s cake. A GF cake (Glutino white cake) in which I added white chocolate chips and some lemon zest. I made the icing myself, and the spikes are white chocolate dyed orange hand done by me too. He loved it!

Gluten Free Menu Swap

It happened. The Boy turned 3. I’m not sure how three years have already gone by but they have. And, just like 3 years ago, this weekend was filled with a snowstorm. Oh how I love living in Canada sometimes.. this time we’re only supposed to get 20cm or so, but still. It’s nearly the end of March.

Anyway, this is my first time participating officially in the Gluten Free Menu Swap, hosted by Weird and Suprisingly Good. Her theme for the week is Latin food but I went to my cupboard and thought our theme should be “food you already have in the house” so I scrapped Latin and went with my own. And, I might add, that the only things we need to purchase for this week’s menu are: a bag of spinach and some mozzarella. Everything else we have in the house.

So here we go:

Pork Tenderloin with Maple sauce, rice (leftovers), carrots and peas – we had this tonight and it was fab. I kept dipping into the maple sauce. Mmm. The Husband = very good cook.

Brown Rice Tinkyada Spaghetti with Pasta Sauce already made in the freezer.

Moose Meatloaf with peas and potatoes – we’ve had this moose meat in the freezer for a long time and seriously need to use it up. If I don’t have enough, I’ll combine it with some ground beef.

Pizza (Pamela’s crust) with onions, leftover meat, and whatever else we have in the frige.

Spinach Garlic Soup as a starter followed by leftovers.

Artichoke Pork with Broccoli and Rice or Potato

And finally.. leftovers 🙂 We have to have at least 1-2 nights of them or else we waste food which is not the point of menu planning.

My surgery is on Friday so I’m guessing that leftovers will be Friday/Saturday this week.

Memories of Three Years

It’s as though a tidal wave is overcoming me today. The Boy turned 3 today. He’s now a “Big Boy” (even with potty training issues he’s still a boy now, no longer a toddler). I can’t believe how much life has changed in three years and how much I’ve gone through personally.

Three years ago yesterday I went into labour 4 weeks early with a baby who was breech, feet down. Three years ago early this morning I had a cesarean to remove said baby. Three years ago this morning The Boy was transferred to a different hospital without me because he wasn’t doing very well. He had been recusitated and couldn’t keep his own oxygen levels up. Three years ago this evening I was finally transferred to the same hospital after the head nurses at the 2 hospitals went behind the doctor’s back and transferred me. Three years ago tomorrow my baby came to live with us in my room after being released from Intensive Care. Three years ago tomorrow I fell in love with a new man and three years later I still feel that love and can’t remember life before him as being much fun.

I went through post partum depression, surgery recovery and more after that day, and yet still, I wouldn’t change a thing. The Boy is challenging every day and yet each day, I laugh out loud at least a dozen times by his actions and words. That kid cracks me up. Like tonight when he told his Grandma that he got lots of tiny presents.

It’s the day of 3s here.. 3 months ago I started my new diet and 3 months later, I feel amazing. I almost never have sour stomach anymore, I’m pain-free, and my digestive system might actually be working. It’s been amazing this diagnosis.. I can’t even imagine what the next 3 months, years and further have in store..

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