Menu for the Week

What a week it’s been. It’s Thursday and I’m just getting around to posting my menu for the week – but, we’ve followed it! IT made grocery shopping.. well, somehow i still spent a ridiculous amount but I also bought our tax software for this year, an outfit for The Boy and new sippie cups. So I guess realistically looking at it, I did pretty well and spent about $140 for the week.

Anyway, we decided to do:
Pasta 2 nights
Rosti with Ham, Sundried Tomatoes and Provolone cheese
Leftovers 2 nights – this will be switched to 1 night
Shepherd’s Pie
Chicken with Corn coating
Mango Coconut Chicken with Rice

The Rosti was amazing although I don’t recommend cooking it in a pan that isn’t very non-stick. I ended up switching pans halfway through just to make sure it wasn’t a total disaster..

The Shepherd’s pie was also wonderful – a new variation than what I’m used to – I added some tomato paste and carrot to it but it was so delicious and has served many lunches this week with its leftovers.

Tonight is corn/chicken and I’m looking forward to this. For years I thought I was allergic to corn because I seemed to react to it. Well, since diagnosis and diet change, I can totally consume corn again without any reaction, so we’re taking full advantage of this.

I got a call from my GI’s office for a followup appointment which means I’ll also have to go for my followup blood work. It’s going to be a busy few weeks.. I have surgery at the end of the month on my back, The Girl has surgery to put tubes in her ears April 17, the Boy has a sleep study April 1, and then a followup with the ENT on April 30. Whew! We’ll survive and then at least it will be spring!!


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