14 more days..

Two weeks to surgery. 5 weeks until The Girl’s surgery. hopefully this will make our summer much healthier than winter has been.

It was leftover night here tonight. I *LOVE* leftovers. I can’t rave enough about leftovers. They’re just so yummy – all of the great food you make through the week needs to be consumed before garbage day and mmmm.. it’s just perfect! So tonight we finished up the Shepherd’s Pie (which, by the way in french is Pate Chinois – or Chinese Pie.. how does that translate properly??), most of the potato chickpea curry, and the scrumptious corn-coated chicken nuggets I made last night (even The Boy eats these and he generally gags on most meat products)!

I’m planning next week’s menu.. I know for sure it’s going to include Polenta something because I’m wanting to try it, and the Mango Coconut Chicken that didn’t get made this week.. and hopefully a slow cooker recipe or two.. hmm.. time to peruse the cookbooks!

On another note, it’s above zero here!!! We hit record lows on Monday and Tuesday (Mondays’ new low was -42.7C – in MARCH!!!) so seeing +9C out there today was bliss – the kids got soaked with all of the snow melting (and given that they’re big fans of playing in the sandbox in the middle of winter, it was wet sand stuck to their snowsuits) but they had a blast. Now what should we do in the +3C weather tomorrow..? I feel like we need to take advantage of this weather in case it goes all crazy here again!


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