Menu Planning

I’m going for week two of menu planning and I’m quite excited. Here’s what we have on tap:

1. Pasta – a staple in our house. It’ll be Tinkyada Fetuccini this week.
2. Polenta with sauted onions, peppers and maple sausage, covered with provolone cheese.
3. Artichoke Chicken with Carrots and Baked Potatoes
4. Coconut Mango Chicken
5. Leftovers
6. Burgers
7. Meatloaf

This is the last week before my surgery so I wanted to make it a big cooking week for me.

We start on Saturdays so I’ve already made the Polenta – taken from Wendy’s Celiacs in the House on Saturday night. The Husband was skeptical – we’ve never had Polenta before and it was SO good!!! I added some pasta sauce that had to be finished and this gave it a nice flavour too. I think it would have been good without but mmm. The Girl inhaled hers (which is big given she refuses to eat most things these days). The Boy actually ate sausage (he typically doesn’t eat meat) so overall I think it’s a meal we’ll totally repeat.

We also made Artichoke Chicken and it’s amazing as usual. It’s a mix of mayo, artichokes chopped up, garlic, and parmasean cheese. Coat the chicken in a rosemary seasoning, and fry the chicken until basically cooked. You then put the artichoke mixture on the chicken and broil it for about 5-10 minutes (until it’s golden brown). It’s so fantastic.

I’m excited for most of the meals this week but I’m not sure what to cook on Tuesday. I know it’s St Patrick’s day but it’s also The Boy’s Birthday! He’s going to be 3 – how did that happen already???


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  1. WendyGK
    Mar 16, 2009 @ 13:53:00

    So glad you liked the polenta. My Italian friend said she also puts sauce on hers sometimes. I’ll have to try your artichoke chicken thing. That sounds great.


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