Memories of Three Years

It’s as though a tidal wave is overcoming me today. The Boy turned 3 today. He’s now a “Big Boy” (even with potty training issues he’s still a boy now, no longer a toddler). I can’t believe how much life has changed in three years and how much I’ve gone through personally.

Three years ago yesterday I went into labour 4 weeks early with a baby who was breech, feet down. Three years ago early this morning I had a cesarean to remove said baby. Three years ago this morning The Boy was transferred to a different hospital without me because he wasn’t doing very well. He had been recusitated and couldn’t keep his own oxygen levels up. Three years ago this evening I was finally transferred to the same hospital after the head nurses at the 2 hospitals went behind the doctor’s back and transferred me. Three years ago tomorrow my baby came to live with us in my room after being released from Intensive Care. Three years ago tomorrow I fell in love with a new man and three years later I still feel that love and can’t remember life before him as being much fun.

I went through post partum depression, surgery recovery and more after that day, and yet still, I wouldn’t change a thing. The Boy is challenging every day and yet each day, I laugh out loud at least a dozen times by his actions and words. That kid cracks me up. Like tonight when he told his Grandma that he got lots of tiny presents.

It’s the day of 3s here.. 3 months ago I started my new diet and 3 months later, I feel amazing. I almost never have sour stomach anymore, I’m pain-free, and my digestive system might actually be working. It’s been amazing this diagnosis.. I can’t even imagine what the next 3 months, years and further have in store..


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