Out of a drug induced haze…

I feel that I am more coherent. There are no longer things crawling on my walls (that i can see anyway) and I’m slowly emerging from the fog that has been my life for the last few days.

I have a picture of the incision. It’s gross but I’m totally posting it one day this week. It’s still covered in steri-strips though. The Husband changed my dressing this morning so we gave it the once-over.

I stopped all my pain meds except for Tylenol. Sunday was a complete haze for me with the remaining anesthetic wearing off and my painkillers taking their toll. I think I’m okay to remain on just tylenol for now and hope that it does the trick. I’m not in that much pain anymore – stiff from being in bed so much but today I got in my first walk down the street. It’s going to be a long recovery. I am not the greatest at remaining sedentary by any stretch of the imagination. And, while I’m enjoying very much the first season of Gilmore Girls and have high hopes of scrapbooking my kids’ lives up until now, I think that by day 5, I might be going stir-crazy.

I can only hope that the temperatures remain above freezing and continue to melt this winter ice castle around us so I can breathe in the amazing spring air as I walk. The Boy came on our walk today and we compared footprints. We decided that daddy’s footprints were giant and his were small. I’m not sure where mine fit in but I love the mind of a 3 year old.

And so, I am now ready for a snooze. Maybe I’ll crack open my first issue of Delight Gluten Free magazine or read some of Eat Pray Love (great booK!!) before I drift off…


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