Silly silly blogs

This is the second time I’m blogging – the first time I had this long “I’m back” post going on and bam.. it wouldn’t save and then I lost it all – including the patience to re-write what I had written.

I’ve taken a break from everything other than my immediate family lately. I felt like I needed to settle down and pay attention to my kids for a while. They’re both missing me and I get that – I miss them too. So I’ve been awol.

I miss my menu plans too. The Husband did such a wonderful job while I was down ‘n’ out taking care of us but I need my menus back. I really hate sticking my head in the fridge at the end of the day and trying to figure out what we might have for dinner. So, we’ll be back to planning this week. Hopefully that will save the 7 trips to the grocery store, too.

Speaking of which, what is your absolute favourite, relatively easy dish? It cant’ have nuts or shellfish in it, but anything else is fair-game. I want to make some new stuff this coming week. I think I’m going to make Beef Strognoff for the first time, but we shall see if that sounds like something the fam might eat.

I’m almost recovered. I start physiotherapy on Monday which I’m looking forward to immensely. It’ll be nice to be able to get moving again. And slowly but surely, I’ve been able to lift The Girl now and again. The Boy is still too heavy as he’s upwards of 35 pounds which is over the 25 pound limit I have right now.

The Girl had her ear surgery too last week and has recovered wonderfully. It’s as if nothing ever happened (other than sometimes loud, unknown noises freak her out). We’ll find out on Thursday if the Boy needs surgery too (which we assume he does given his speech, breathing, swallowing and hearing problems.

All in a day’s life đŸ™‚


Gluten Free Menu Swap

I allowed the husband a week off in our menu planning but our grocery bill suffered for it. So this week, I insisted that we reinstate the menu planning. We start our menus on a Saturday so I’m a bit late, but eh.

We have a fridge full of leftovers that need to be eaten but much other goodness should be consumed. It is FINALLY spring here and our backyard has only a few specks of snow left. Our front yard on the other hand faces north and so still has 2 feet pondering whether or not to leave for a few months or not. But, we bought both kids rubber boots this weekend and they have been essentially living outside so I hope this encourages the last of the snow to melt away.

Without further adieu, my menu.

Thai Food – Curry Beef and Sweet & Sour Chicken with noodles and coconut rice

Another meal of the Gluten Free Lasagna baked for us by a friend as a get well gift

Pasta (go figure!)

Leftovers (shocking!)

Polenta with moose meat, red peppers, onions and mozzarella cheese

Tacos – this is one of 2 meals that I can consume a ridiculous amount of food during. I think I had 4. They were perfect.

And I’m missing something.. I wonder where the husband put that list.

Wendy at Celiacs in the House is hosting this week!

Yummy eats, cool treats

Did you know that Dairy Queen ice cream is gluten free? I’m so happy. I love a good DQ in the summer and although I can no longer get my go-to small mint oreo blizzard, I can sure as heck still eat some good ice cream. But anyway, already it’s the beginning of the post and I’ve already digressed.

My husband is a good extraordinaire. If he weren’t in school for his phd, I’d push for him to be a chef. Maybe at a cozy B&B somewhere in interior BC.. or the Bahamas.. or California.. or anyway.. he’s a really good cook. And he just whips these things up with a great amount of mess in the kitchen (which currently I can’t clean given my healing back so I can’t complain too much) but an even greater amount of yummy-ness on our plates.

I even took pictures. You see, my favourite Thai restaurant in Edmonton is Hoang Long. And I believe that tonight, my husband became the restaurant. I said I wanted take-out thai. He said he could cook it. I said he’s no Hoang-Long and I think that set him out to prove that he was. And by golly, he is. He made 2 chicken dishes. One was sweet & sour with onions, bean sprouts and sesame seeds on top; the other a coconut curry with chickpeas and chicken. Plus, I got 2 kinds of carbs – rice noodles and coconut rice. It was divinity in a bowl. My mind had to try to slow my hand down from shovelling in this food..

I love gluten-free living.