Yummy eats, cool treats

Did you know that Dairy Queen ice cream is gluten free? I’m so happy. I love a good DQ in the summer and although I can no longer get my go-to small mint oreo blizzard, I can sure as heck still eat some good ice cream. But anyway, already it’s the beginning of the post and I’ve already digressed.

My husband is a good extraordinaire. If he weren’t in school for his phd, I’d push for him to be a chef. Maybe at a cozy B&B somewhere in interior BC.. or the Bahamas.. or California.. or anyway.. he’s a really good cook. And he just whips these things up with a great amount of mess in the kitchen (which currently I can’t clean given my healing back so I can’t complain too much) but an even greater amount of yummy-ness on our plates.

I even took pictures. You see, my favourite Thai restaurant in Edmonton is Hoang Long. And I believe that tonight, my husband became the restaurant. I said I wanted take-out thai. He said he could cook it. I said he’s no Hoang-Long and I think that set him out to prove that he was. And by golly, he is. He made 2 chicken dishes. One was sweet & sour with onions, bean sprouts and sesame seeds on top; the other a coconut curry with chickpeas and chicken. Plus, I got 2 kinds of carbs – rice noodles and coconut rice. It was divinity in a bowl. My mind had to try to slow my hand down from shovelling in this food..

I love gluten-free living.


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