Next Week – Can we Just Skip it?

I’m not going to lie – I kind of want to skip next week altogether.

You see, almost exactly 3 years after my first, I’m going for a second scope. I’ve been having issues with my esophogus to the point that it feels like there’s something constantly, well, there. As though there’s a big hunk of food constantly stuck towards the lower part. It’s not overly comfortable and it’s quite frustrating. It gives me heartburn frequently and makes food go down really slowly. Some foods make it worse (like overly spicy foods for instance), and nothing makes it better.

So after seeing my specialist for the first time in a long time, I’m having a scope (endoscopy) on Monday. Now, the cool thing about scopes is that they get to see inside you and see pretty quickly what’s going on. My doc is unsure as to whether or not it’s related to celiac disease, or whether it’s a different issue completely. Either way, I’m quite relieved to know that I won’t have to wait much past Monday at 1pm to find out.

And that’s just Monday.

Tuesday should be a walk in a relatively calm park other than the slightly sore throat I’ll have after the scope.

Wednesday Miss A goes in for surgery. Three years ago my little monster man had the same surgery – tonsils, adenoids out; tubes in. It wasn’t too horrible and we’ve definitely benefited from that surgery. Three years ago Miss A also had surgery (and for added bonus, so did I.. 3 surgeries in 3 months) to put tubes in her ears. She was ear infection free for a long time after that, but they’ve returned while her hearing has gone to the dogs.

Both my kids suffer(ed) from sleep apnea, a potentially serious condition in which people hold their breath. Mr Man was a serious case – labelled moderate to severe as he stopped breathing (and his oxygen levels dropped to the 60s instead of the high 90s where they should be) 16 times an hour. Surgery has fixed that.

Miss A is more mild, but still has it – she stops breathing in random clusters. She’ll be fine for a while, and then she’ll hold her breath for periods of time all in a row.. then she’ll be fine again. It’s considered an “urgent case” so she goes under on Wednesday. The idea is that when the tonsils and adenoids are removed, it makes it easier for children to breath consistently. Gone will be her snoring, which truthfully I won’t miss; and she should no longer suffer from apnea.

Then we’ll be on a 2 week hiatus from the world. No playdates, no dance, no school. But oh, there will still be fun. There are crafts, and movies, and books, and snuggle time. And there’s the fact that her breath will smell like a combination of dead people and dog breath.. that part won’t be so fun.

Anyway, for all of you out there in the blog world, prayers and good thoughts shot my way will be more than appreciated.

And hey.. at least after next week, we can start looking at the positives!


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