And another..

Well it’s official. Chef Husband is now the only non celiac in our house (and he’s been tested!).

Miss A was diagnosed at just over 2 years of age.

Mr Man – age 6. He had been tested at age 3 and it came back negative, but in the last few months, he’s been complaining of stomach ailings, usually at night. He’s been very gassy, especially again in the evenings (I think from build up?). He’s a terrible sleeper and is always exhausted. I’m sure that he’s feeling foggy.

So off we went to the pediatrician who very willingly handed me the req. We went to get the blood test (no tears, just an ouch, and then they gave him 5 stickers. Amazing clinic), and awaited the results. Given it was easter weekend, I called them on Wednesday to find out that it was likely positive but they had to wait for doctor authorization to release the results. I called back Thursday and spoke with a different nurse – the same one that I had dealt with for 2 years while going through our health issues with Miss A, and she said that the other nurse was newer and didn’t realize that I knew all about this stuff already. So she gave me the results.

Normal levels of gluten antibody at 7-10. Mr Man’s level? 1200. It’s the highest level the clinic has seen.

We should hopefully hear next week about getting a scope and then going gluten free. My first instinct is to go gluten free immediately, but I know that he needs to stay on it to have anything show on the scope. Though really, with a level that high, I think it’ll show up regardless, but hey.

I was pretty upset about it on Thursday. Mr Man was devestated. He gets it, and he knows that his being celiac restricts his diet more than being allergic to nuts does. We’re working through it though and I know that it will be okay.

Chef Husband has decided that given he’s the only one who can now eat gluten in our house, that we might as well go about 95% gluten free in house (he’ll have a little cupboard for his treats). I should clarify that we do eat 100% gluten free, but we still had gluten in the house.

I’m sure I’ll have some stories and some new learning experiences from this new diagnosis! Nothing ever seems to be simple in our house, but then, I wouldn’t know what I know if it was simple. A blessing in disguise!


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  1. trish c
    Apr 15, 2012 @ 12:14:35

    .. a friend of mine is vegetarian, kosher, Gluten-free.. she goes down to the states about once a month and stocks up on groceries.. th GF options are much better down there (apparently..) and cheaper.


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