Reactionary lady..

I react to everything.

Seriously. I’m hardly kidding.

As a kid I had allergies. Just seasonal stuff. Then it progressed into my shellfish allergy. Then more severe seasonal allergies where I would get hives putting up the (live) Christmas tree or playing soccer in the grass. Even last summer I went to a family fun day put on by my community league and by the end of the night my back was covered in hives.

My infant years provided my first reaction to medication. Again, I would break out in hives, this time when I had pencillin. My mid teens resulted in more reactions. Severe pain that required Demerol when I had to swallow barium for a stomach xray ; increased heart rate that bordered on dangerous when I had a strong anti inflammatory drug.

I react easily and often.

Take Gluten. One bite and I’m done for. Soy? A little bit can cause me, in the words of Sheldon Cooper, “digestive distress”. And dairy can do the same.

Right now I’m reacting again. This time it’s not to Gluten, soy or dairy, but to medication again. I’m getting electrocuted from the inside of my brain frequently, I’m having stomach discomfort and am more exhausted than I can describe. It’s horrible and its wreaking havoc with my summer vacation.

But like all reactions before this and hopefully any I have in the future, I will get through it, thanks in large part to having the best husband on the planet and the most understanding, wise-beyond-their-years children.

But man. I hope it stops soon.

At least I have views like this to help..


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