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Yesterday I attended a yoga workshop at a studio I’ve never been to before. Outside my comfort zone point #1. I’ve gone to a few workshops over the last number of months. Some have been better than others but yesterday’s rates up there in the top 2 (I’ve yet to decide if it’s in first, second, or tied for first).

The workshop was called Grow Your Roots. I had wanted to take it a couple of months ago but I was feeling awful that day and ended up sleeping for 3 hours instead. Priorities you know..

Anyway, after getting to take it yesterday, this workshop got me thinking. A lot. It was such an eye opening experience that it made me start thinking outside of realm of yoga and into my own life.

The premise of the workshop was to strip down to the root of where you were and to start building again from scratch. Kind of like what I feel I’ve been doing for the last few months within myself.

Have I mentioned before that yoga is seriously like therapy?

Sean was the instructor. I’ve known him for a few months now and truth be told, I wasn’t sold on Sean after the first class I took from him. I hadn’t felt blown away by his class (though it was in that class that I learned to appreciate humor during yoga when we were holding boat pose for what felt like forever and he stated that “grumpy boats don’t float”. I distinctly remember that I burst out laughing and a co-worker and I made that our quote of the day. Anyway, I think on retrospect I just didn’t like the class and it had nothing to do with Sean personally, but with where I was that day.

So I gave Sean’s class another try. And I realized that I could seriously learn a lot from him. I have learned a lot so far and have learned to trust a select few yoga teachers implicitly in great part because of him.

So when Sean told me he was teaching the workshop again, I was excited. And then I started reacting to my medications, and feeling terrible in every way. By the time we returned from our Ottawa vacation, the workshop was 4 days away and I wasn’t sure I could do it.

After talking with Sean about my fears (outside comfort zone moment #2) I decided to sign up. The morning of the workshop I was feeling pretty confident in myself despite a very sore throat and stuffy head. I set out for the workshop and man alive it did not disappoint.

The workshop was mainly partner work (outside comfort zone moment #3) and although I really had a hard time with my partner, I still got so much out of this class.

We did 4 poses or variations thereof: Sphinx,cobra, bow, downward facing dog, plank. Sean broke them down for us and then through partner work and Sean walking around correcting us, we learned to do these poses properly.

I thought that I knew these poses and did them well. Based on the fact that today, every single muscle in my body hurts, I’d say that wasn’t the case.

We worked a lot on heart opening which seriously helped my (slightly injured) shoulder, but also helped my confidence. Sean mentioned (and this is not a direct quote) that when we hold our shoulders forward we are protecting our heart.

Well, I think I’m strong enough now that maybe I don’t need to hide my heart all the time. Maybe I can put myself out there for who I am and see what happens. I am who I am and I’m only going to keep growing. Given that going to this workshop took me out of my comfort zone 3 times and yet I still did it, I feel like I can do so much more.

I can’t wait to try my new alignment in these poses in my next class. I also can’t wait to learn more. As I go farther into this journey of yoga, I’m learning more about me than I ever expected. It’s pretty awesome.

Note: if you live in the Edmonton area and want to take Grow Your Roots let me know. It will be offered again sometime before Christmas.


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    Aug 26, 2012 @ 16:50:12

    Sounds really good! Yes, yoga can def be like therapy : )


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