A new way of cooking

My name is Amanda and I’m addicted to Pinterest.

[For those who don’t know what Pinterest is, I suggest you go check it out and join. In short though, it’s basically a virtual buletin board system. You see something you like and you “pin” it on your board. You can have multiple boards. And people can follow all of your boards or just one at a time.]

I joined Pinterest kind of a long time ago. Back before it was an obsession with the vast majority of people actually. I pinned a couple of things and then ignored it for a good 4 months. In that time, a lot of people started talking about Pinterest and I realized that maybe I didn’t give it a fair shot.

I’m a particular pinner. By that I mean that I have rules. (For those of you who know me personally, you’ll realize I have rules about everything. From how to open Christmas presents to when movies are allowed to be watched, there are rules.) My rules are:

1 – I only pin things that I will not only think about doing, but actually WANT to do and WILL do.
2 – I pin things that I see as useful.
3 – I have a lot of boards and I think the most pins I have in one board is just over 50.
4 – I double-check everything I pin. I don’t pin it unless I’ve gone directly to the source where I can see the instructions clearly. The only exception to this is for things that I just need to see a picture to do, like a card.
5 – I do have a couple of “inspiration” boards mostly yoga-based that I actually go and look at relatively frequently when I’m feeling blah.

I even created a photo album on my personal facebook page titled “Pinterest in Real Life” where I post pictures of things I’ve done from facebook.

So fast forward to today. Today I wanted to use apple cider. We have a giant jug of it that we got on sale because its shelf life was coming to an end and I wanted to use some of it up. I knew that the odds of finding something gluten-free AND containing apple cider were relatively slim, so I just went with the regular stuff. And then I gluten-freed it. Yep, that’s a verb.

First up was the pin for Apple Cider Muffins. I went to the blog and followed the instructions with a couple of tweaks in order to make it gluten-free and still good.

1 – I use a gluten-free flour blend that already contains xantham gum, so I omitted the gum. I found that the batter was a bit too liquidy so I added another 1/4 cup of flour. This made it perfect.
2 – After everything was blended, I tossed my mixer on low-medium (about a 3 on kitchen-aid) for 2 minutes.
3 – It took my muffins about 24 minutes to be perfectly cooked.

I made 12 muffins and we’re down to 5. I should note that I made 12 muffins at 4:30 pm. They were a hit. Both kids have requested a muffin in their lunch tomorrow. Done and done.


Note: These muffins did sag a bit once they came out of the oven and cooled down, but they did not turn spongy or heavy so I’m okay with it!

I also had stumbled across some Pull-Apart bread on Pinterest. The recipe was based on garlic and parmesan but because my kids are weird, they don’t like garlic. I decided for a first go, I’d just make plain old bread. Miss A liked it so much she was eating it before it was cooked..

This bread was super easy to make and I’m fairly certain that you could use an egg replacement and make it vegan too. The bread was soft and warm, and the outside was crusty thanks in part to the (vegan) butter we rolled them in first. Miss A helped out which was pretty gross. She basically took a smidge of dough and proceeded to smush it between her hands multiple times until I had to literally scrape it off with my fingernails. She had fun though so what the hey.

I was a bit disappointed that Mr Man didn’t seem to like the bread. I’m not sure if it’s because he was tired and cranky when he tried it or if he truly didn’t like it. We’ll try it again tomorrow. The rest of us like it so I’m pleased.

And finally, I leave you with yet another Pinterest find. I had a bunch of Stampin’ Up! fabric leftover from various projects that I wanted to use up. I had been intending to make Miss A a couple of skirts for the summer but I never got around to it. Miss A is a girly girl. She wears pants only when absolutely necessary but 90% of the time she throws a skirt over top. Sometimes she even wears a skirt on top of a skirt because she can’t decide.

So when I saw this skirt, I knew it had her name written all over it. It took me about 45 minutes to make, and Miss A ran around for hours in it yesterday, then wore it to school again today. I’d say that’s one successful skirt.

Now you should probably all go over to Pinterest and start pinning.. and while you’re there, check out my boards!


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