Making it a good day

I had this boss, and he was amazing. Actually, I’ve been rather lucky in that I’ve had a few direct supervisors who have molded me into what I am now professionally. It all started with Joe back in the day in university when I worked for a high tech giant. Then Dan when I worked in sales for another giant company. Marc when I worked for a rather dominant coffee place followed by Peg. Then Harmony when I worked for a big tea place.

Until this moment I never realized how many “big” companies I worked for. I worked for a few start-ups back in my high-tech days, but apparently, mainly bigger ones. Dan and Marc were 2 supervisors that really made me think. They gave me lots of great feedback, and were always encouraging. They grew me up and gave me confidence.

But this title, this is about Marc. You see, Marc had on the end of his voicemail not “have a great day” but rather “Make it a great day.” And that always stuck with me. We can make our days great.

Sure, shit happens. There’s an anniversary coming up that fills me with sadness and dread that certainly was part of no one’s great day. But overall, we do have the ability to make it a great day. At least a good day. Breathe. Always remember to breathe. Think before you speak (something I’m still working on). Take a moment to think of something amazing. Take a moment to look into the faces of someone you love and just breathe them in.

You have the ability.

This 30 day yoga challenge I’m participating in is hard. Keeping track of my children’s food crap is hard. Hell, keeping track of my own food stuff is hard! But I survive it. Day by day I get through. Each day I become someone new – like a snake shedding its skin. I shed my cloak of yesterday and become new today. It’s a brilliant rebirth each day.

Something I’ve also started during this challenge is journalling. I don’t normally journal. A therapist once told me not to because I tend to over think and judge my journalling. Kind of defeats the purpose huh? But during this challenge, I journal every morning. I sit in the quiet of the studio while going with the theme of silence and I write. Most of the time, I don’t even notice people coming in or moving around. Rather, I get lost in my own mind. It’s amazing.

This morning I feel a bit rejuvenated. Yesterday I was exhausted. Miss A was up twice on Sunday night and it took me a long time to get back to sleep each time. Mr Man was up at 5 with mouth pain from his minor accident. I was stressed, overwhelmed, and when my yoga instructor asked how I was, tears sprang to my eyes. I was vulnerable and still raw. I listened to my body. I ate good food, but truthfully, not very much of it. I kept Mr Man home from Beavers while his sister went and got him into bed by 7:15. He chose a National Geographic Encyclopedia for his bedtime story. Yes, he’s that kid. He corrected my mispronunciation of the word echolocation and then explained to me how it made bats unique. He wowed me with his 6.5 year old knowledge and then hunkered down snuggled up against me. I kept my phone on to help me stay awake and once Miss A got home, I said goodnight and went off to my own dreamland. Or dreamless land as last night’s sleep was. I awoke wanting more sleep, but I got up and went out the door anyway. And it was brilliant (yoga class post coming tomorrow).

Each day is a new one. Today, it rains. And while I curl up under my blanket drinking my homemade vegan pumpkin spice latte, I am grateful. We went 25 days without a drop of rain. I can imagine that at this point, our animals and plants are in desperate need of water before hibernation.

And yesterday, as the weather started to change from summer to fall, I saw a rainbow. I witnessed the beauty of the entire arc and I swear I spied a few leprechauns bouncing around at each end.

Make your day amazing. You are that powerful.

View from the front of my house post-yoga.


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