Yoga for anxiety

I’m taking a five week session called “yoga for anxiety”. The teacher is great and seemingly has a lot of experience in the world of anxiety.

The class started on Friday.

Right after this happened.


It snowed. We don’t get giant snow storms often here in Edmonton but this time we did. The roads were hell. They don’t use salt here so given that 25cm of snow fell atop frozen rain… well I think if you close your eyes and pretend you’re on a slip n slide you might know what it feels like to drive on it.

I hate winter driving. I can take a bit of snow but this was awful. On Wednesday it took Chef Husband a full hour and a half to get home from work.

And it’s only November.

But I digress. I drove to the yoga studio (a 20 minute drive instead of 9) and proceeded to have a panic attack.

I was anxious about taking a class on anxiety. Fitting? But of course. I learned after that I wasn’t the only one feeling anxious which I have to say made me feel a lot better. Nine women are taking the class. Nine women have anxiety problems of varying degrees. Some of them had never taken a Yoga class before. Some were regular practioners.

But we all have a common goal and that’s what I love about yoga.

We focussed on belly breaths and on sensing which poses were helping and which weren’t. We journalled a lot. And when we went into shavasana I lay down on my back and almost fell asleep.

This has never happened before. Normally I try not to fidget. I try to relax. Lately I have taken to lying on my side to feel more calm. But after this one class I went deeper into shavasana that I ever have before.

This, friends, is promising.


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  1. Anastacia
    Nov 12, 2012 @ 16:15:59

    There’s nothing scarier that facing your fears, and nothing more empowering than taking the first step to overcoming it!

    Good luck!


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