Allergies come in all shapes and sizes

It’s been a long time since the stomach flu has hit our house. Sure we’ve had colds, croup, pneumonia.. but stomach flu? Nope.

Until Sunday.

When Miss A puked all over the couch downstairs. She had a very brief fever, threw up some more and then it was done. Mr man today had a rather severe belly ache all day but thankfully no more vomitting.

As a result, I’ve been compulsively washing my hands. Now, I wash my hands a lot anyway. I’m a bit of a germaphobe. I am fairly certain I get it from my mother who still, on occasion, asks me if I washed my hands when we are in a public bathroom. And she may deny this but it’s happened. At times I’ve said yes and she’s responded with “with soap?” People, I’m in my 30s.

So really, it’s not surprising I am a bit OCD when it comes to germs. I wash my hands frequently and fervently.

And I’m allergic to many soaps.

It doesn’t always bode well for me. Like today. Today my right hand is on fire and itching like mad from overwashing.

Miss A accidentally washed her hands with a neighbor’s clearasil recently which made her hands swell up, go fire engine red and erupt into teeny little bumps all over. She was crying in pain then and now I have even more sympathy for her.

Since then almost all soaps irritate her hands. By the end of the day they are red and itchy again, like mine.

Allergies don’t always have to be anaphylactic. They can be skin irritations or hive inducing (which is why we will never have a real Christmas tree.. but that’s for another post). Regardless, allergies  are really frustrating!

We are currently playing “find the soap that doesn’t bother Miss A’s hands”. We think Lush products are OK so far, but SoftSoap is definitely out as is Strawberry Shortcake soap.

Oh the hunt.. it never ends when you’re an allergic mama to allergic babes. But that’s what we do as mamas right? Protect them regardless how big or small the problem? And protect her I shall.. while hoping that it also works for my own soap problems..

If anyone has any suggestions I’m all ears!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. suze
    Nov 28, 2012 @ 07:09:17

    We went through a little bit of that… I ended up using Avino skin relief fragrance free body wash in her own pump bottle for Emily to use. She still used the regular stuff at school, but I found that when her hands got a bit of a break, it was better. I personally have never had any kind of reaction to dove sensitive. I even wash my face with it.
    I can’t even go near a Lush store, so I don’t know if I could use their products. And I never buy any soaps that have anti-bacterial stuff in them.

    I’ll ask a friend about what she uses — she reacts to EVERYTHING on her skin — and I’ll let you know


  2. Amanda
    Nov 28, 2012 @ 09:54:27

    Ugh, I could never have a live Christmas tree either! Are you looking for a hand soap or body soap? I have problems with a lot of Lush products, but different things work for different people! Are there specific ingredients you and she are allergic to?


  3. suze
    Nov 28, 2012 @ 10:14:35

    this is what she said:
    “I use Natureclean %100 natural hypoallergenic unscented liquid soap. You can get it in a pump or buy the 1L bulk container. It works very well for me and I have problems with most hand soaps, even Green Beaver makes me react.” she said she buys it at Kardish (so a local natural food shop might have it) and has seen it in the organic section at Loblaws (so maybe Superstore?). Have you checked to see if the soaps you’re using have soy in them? If she’s allergic on the inside, it makes sense that she’d react on the outside too.


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