About Life Learning Mama’s Blog

Who am I? Who are the people that frequently get their weird names in this blog? What do I do?

Well here’s a short run down.

Chef Husband – my husband of over 8 years, the amazing father of Miss A and Mr Man, a PhD scientist who studies frogs by day, and likes to cook by night (unless he’s out looking for frogs at night). He teaches at a college, does research, has a terribly charming sense of humour, and keeps me sane on a daily basis. He’s the love of my life and each day is better because he’s in it. He never cooks by a recipe and yet 90% of the time his food is amazing. The frustrating thing about Chef is that since he never cooks by recipe, he can never recreate his creations!

Mr Man – currently 6.5 years old and ingrade 1. Mr Man was born a month early, has asthma, a ton of seasonal allergies, horrid allergies to felines and grass, and is one of the most articulate and brilliant children you’ll ever meet. We discovered Mr Man was allergic to peanuts after he had them at a dayhome when he was 15 months old. His tongue swelled, he had hives around his mouth, he was slurring his words and having a lot of trouble. He hasn’t had a peanut since. We currently avoid all nuts except almonds. In April of 2012 Mr Man was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and has been gluten free since.

Miss A – currently almost 5 years old and in kindergarten, much to the shock of her mama given that means she’s growing up. She’s smaller than the average 4 year old (she passes for 3 pretty consistently), is extremely creative, stubborn and beautiful. Miss A had a lot of trouble from 1-2 years of age and now that she is soy-free and gluten-free (she’s considered celiac by her doctors), she’s thriving. She has no allergies that we are aware of.

Me – I’m a 30 something year old computer science graduate that hasn’t worked in high tech in almost 10 years. I did a lot of sales work (both in corporations and retail management), and was a stay at home mom for 3 years. I’m severely allergic to shellfish, soy makes me sick, dairy really doesn’t work for my body and I’m celiac. I have tons of seasonal allergies and am most severely allergic to grass and trees that have needles, though strawberry plants come close. I’m also unable to eat cashews.

Runner Girl – My brother’s girlfriend and my fellow foodie. We talk about everything imaginable and she inspires me daily.

J-Money – My next door neighbour and BBF (Best Beautiful Friend). Her family has become my family and though we’re very different, we’re amazing friends who support each other through it all.

What I do

I’m currently trying to recover from a relapse into the world of anxiety. It has been a tough road, and I’m getting stronger and learning more each day. I’m more calm, more patient, and more content. I do yoga 4-5 times a week and meditate daily. I do reiki every day to myself, and have spent a lot of time in self reflection. I’m learning how to live in this unpredictable world one day at a time.

Why I blog

I blog for me. I love to write and blogging gives me a way to do that without having to meet deadlines or write to someone else’s guidelines. While I’ve written for local magazines in the past, I prefer to write for me.

I love to help other people. If I can help someone who is going through something I’ve experienced, I’ll do it. I blog about learning daily lessons – nothing big huge or mind blowing, but simple things. Like making more conscious choices. I’m working judgement out of my life and replacing it with acceptance.


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