FREE Pattern! Messy Bun Toque




  • Any super bulky weight yarn. I used 1 skein of Thick & Quick
  • N size crochet hook


Note: at the end of each round, slip stitch to the first stitch from the roun. 

Note: ch at beginning of round does NOT count as a stitch. 

Chain 15

Being careful not to twist, join to make a circle.
Round 1: ch 2, *2dc, dc in next 2* repeat around (20)
Round 2: Ch 2, *2dc, dc in next 3* repeat around (25)
Round 3: Ch 2, *2dc, dc in next 4* repeat around (30)
Round 4: Ch 2, *2dc, dc in next 5* repeat around (35)
Round 5: Ch 2, *2dc, dc in next 6* repeat around (40)
Rounds 6 – 11: ch 2, dc around (40)
Round 12: ch 1, sc around (40)

Finish off and weave in ends.




And the winner is…


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